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Measurement Computing

Raspberry Pi® DAQ HATs
This popular low-cost computer is gaining popularity in test and measurement applications. Learn more about the MCC line of DAQ HATs that provide high-quality analog or temperature input, analog output, and digital I/O to Raspberry Pi.
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Temperature Measurements

Make accurate measurements of thermocouples, RTDs, or thermistors with MCC temperature solutions. USB, Ethernet, and stand-alone devices can meet a variety of requirements and applications.

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Measurement Computing

Measurement Computing

Remote Measurements
WebDAQ can make vibration or temperature measurements remotely. Users can log, set alarm conditions, and view data in real-time from anywhere on an internet-enabled device.
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Selecting Software for DAQ Applications
Learn more about choosing the right software environment for your data acquisition application. This Tech Tip highlights the different software options available including ready-to-run applications as well as general purpose and application specific programming environments.
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Measurement Computing

Power analysis without disruption – five in one

3D graph drive train

In a typical test scenario, the way from raw signals to the final pass/fail indication is a long and winding path stretching over five distinct phases. Computing RMS pow­er is only one piece of the puzzle, and data from other sources might need to be inte­grated into the calculations. This can lead to a complex assortment of data sources and processing tools with many handover points. The discontinuities in the flow of data may require manual intervention, which demands time and effort and in­creases the risk of introducing errors.


PLI Models down to Zero Volt

For the PLI series – as already known from the ZS series through the zero volt option – there is now a selection of zero volt models available. The Zero Volt models extend the operating range of the electronic load almost to short circuit (10 mV). This makes these devices…


Automotive 8-channel PicoScope


In response to sustained demand from our customers, Pico Technology is pleased to introduce the world’s first high-speed, high-resolution, 8-channel automotive oscilloscope. The PicoScope 4823 is fast enough for CAN, CAN FD, and FlexRay including serial data decoding. It is ready-configured for automotive probes and includes more than 150 Guided Tests plus access to thousands of comparisons in the Pico waveform library, which now supports 8 channels.

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New ADF Series AC Power Sources Released

Pacific Power Source, a world leader in high-performance AC power sources and power conversion equipment, has released an new line of compact yet high power programmable AC sources. The new ADF Series of products offers cost-effective, stable and well-regulated AC power conversion from 45Hz to 500Hz with output voltages up to 300Vac on single-phase models and 300VLN and 520VLL on three-phase models. Higher frequency and voltage output options are available if needed. Output power starts at 15kVA per 4U rack high unit as models 1150ADF and 3150ADF for single or three phase requirements respectively.  Single-phase models are offered up to 45kVA and three-phase models up to 90kVA using a master/slave parallel scheme. These master/slave power source configurations can be ordered for self-installation into a customers’ 19” instrument rack or completed assembled in an off-the shelf 19” Cabinet from the factory.

New 5 GHz PicoScope 9404-05!


The PicoScope 9404-05 is the first of its kind: a sampler-extended real-time oscilloscope (SXRTO). It’s as easy to use as a real-time scope but gives you a choice of real-time or equivalent-time sampling.

  • 5 GHz bandwidth, 70 ps transition time
  • 1 TS/s (1 ps) equivalent-time sampling
  • Four 12-bit 500 MS/s ADCs
  • Pulse, eye and mask testing to 70 ps and 3 Gb/s
  • Logical, configurable, touch-compatible Windows user interface
  • Comprehensive built-in measurements, zooms, data masks and histogram

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