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Programmable DC Electronic Loads

Our programmable electronic loads are composed of an optimum mix of analogue- and digital technology (µ-controller/FPGA based). By combination of standardised electronic platforms out of a modular structure, we generate a large portfolio of electronic-load series, perfectly adapted in power, function, performance and cost to the numerous applications in industrial environment and R&D.

EA programmable electronic loads are available in conventional technology (heat dissipating) and as “regenerative” loads. The latter allows, specifically under long-term testing condition (e.g. battery discharging) a full amortisation of its invested value by its energy-saving capability, similar as with Photovoltaic installations.

Industrial Power Supplies

Product highlights

  • Higeffciency >85%
  • Output power ratings: 1250 W up to 240 kW
  • Output voltages: 0…5 V up to 0…60 V
  • Output currents: 0…250 A up to 0…4000 A
  • Accuracy: U 0.5%, I 1%
  • Ripple (at 300 Hz): 1%
  • Constant voltage and current regulation
  • Voltage and current adjustable 0…100%
  • Mains supply 230 V AC or 3x 400 V AC
  • Power factor >0.95
  • Inruscurrent limit
  • DC output connector via copper bars
  • Options
    • Digital interface (RS485, LAN, Profbus a. o.)
    • Modular, external control unit EA-PS 280
    • Analog interface (0…10 V)
    • Isolation amplifer for analog interface
    • Remote sensing
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