Data Acquisition Products

USB, Ethernet and PCI (PCIe) acquisition systems for wide range of application.

OEM T& Embedded Products

Board only solution with easy to integrate connectors.

Data Loggers

Our Stand-alone data loggers provide solution for recording temperature, humidity, current, voltage and More.

Temperature Measurement

We offer a wide selection of temperatur measurement DAQ products use with thermocouples.


Out of the box software for non Programmers, plus comprehensive drivers VB, C++,  Java,  NI LabVIEW Etc.


Pico is the Market leader in Pc-Oscilloscope, The modern alternative to traditional benchtop oscilloscopes.

RF Products.

Pulse generator, sampling oscilloscopes, vector network analyzer and wide range of RF assceeories.

Data Loggers

Pico Data acquisition products provide a straightforward answer to your data logging need.

Sampling Oscilloscope

15 GHz to 25 GHz sampling Oscilloscopes for measuring high speed signals.


Oscilloscope probes, Current Clamps, sensors, EF Accessories, test leads and much more.


Our Automotive Oscilloscopes work with any bike, car or truck and make it easier and faster for you to find faults.

Programmable DC laboratory power supplies

Our programmable Laboratory Power Supplies feature the Auto-Ranging Output. Owing to this special function, EA Laboratory Power Supplies are much more flexible and, in comparison to conventional power-supplies, they are able to source a much larger number of EUTs (equipment-under-test) with differing nominal voltages

Programmable DC Electronic Loads.


Bidirectional DC-Laboratory Power Supplies

AC wide range input 360-528 V, for operation on 400 V and 480 V grids Bidirectional – power supply and load in one energy recovery with high efficiency.

AC wide range input 342-528 V, for operation on 380 V, 400 V and 480 V grids Bidirectional – power supply and load in one Energy recovery with high efficiency

Systems and Power Racks

Our extremely flexible High-Power Sources and Electronic Loads are hosted in 19“-compliant racks and, owing to their modular built-up and by employing standardised power blocks and modular protective devices, they are highly adaptable to a large number of custom-specific applications at reasonable cost.

Industrial power supplies

AC Sources

a variety of variable insulation transformer with AC and DC (rectified) output can be found, as well as stabilized AC sources with variable frequency,in desk-top or 19” rack-mount format, suitable for most typical applications found in electronic and industrial engineering, research and development as well as in control and automation.

DC Loads

With different series, we offer with different series for almost every DC test object the suitable electronic load from 200 to 28,800 W, air-cooled or regenerative.

AC Loads

Multi-channel Loads

Ideal for simultaneous testing of many test objects, e.g. different control units of a vehicle. Up to 72 channels can be tested in one system in master-slave connection.

Source – Sink

Source-sinks are charger and electronic load in one device. They are therefore preferred in applications for testing rechargeable energy storage devices.

Power Distribution

Multiproduct Calibrator

The Model M142 Multifunction/Multiproduct calibrator is intended for applications in calibration laboratories and in a environment production  where voltage, current, resistance, capacity and frequency meters are manufactured.

Phase Angle Voltmeter