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High Current, Voltage down to 0V – New SCL Series

For testing high-current DUTs such as fuel cells, H&H has developed the new SCL series. These electronic DC loads stress the connected source with up to 1,200 A at a minimum input voltage of only 600 mV (standard models) or even from 0 V (SCL ZV).

In addition to static operation in CC, CP, CR and CV modes, the devices offer many functions for dynamic testing. From the classic list function to square wave/PWM and modulation functions to energy storage tests such as discharge function and internal resistance measurement, MPP tracking is also included in all devices.

Find detailed information in the following links:

Go to SCL series website

Download brochure for SCL series with function descriptions, model overview and technical data


Electronic DC Loads Loading down to min 0.6 V or even to 0 V (SCL ZV) at maximum current • Basic operating modes CC, CV, CR, CP • Combined operating modes CC+CV, CR+CC+CV, CP+CC+CV, CV+CC • Adjustable protections for current and undervoltage • Square, PWM and modulation function • List function with synchronized DAQ • MPP tracking • Test of energy storage devices • Internal resistance measurement function • Master-slave operation for parallel connection • Data storage directly to USB flash drive • Electronic protection • I/O port as standard • Galvanically isolated I/O port optional • Bilingual help system (German/English)

SCL Series – Brief Profile

With load currents of up to 1,200 A, these electronic
loads are predestined for testing fuel cells or other
high-current power sources.
Two variants are available: The standard SCL operates with maximum current from an input voltage of
600 mV, the SCL ZV even from 0 V.
Functions for testing energy storage devices are
integrated as standard.
Various models with different power classes are
available in the compact 19″ housing with only 2
height units. Several units can be connected in parallel to increase performance. The modern operation
via a brilliant 4.3″ touch display gives the user a
comfortable smartphone feeling.
All common data interfaces are standard, only GPIB
is optiona

Interfaces – Standard

  • RS-232
  • USB
  • LAN
  • CAN
  • Analog

Operating Modes

The devices have the basic operating modes constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance and constant power (CC, CV, CR, CP mode). Additionally, a protection value for undervoltage and
overcurrent can be set. This allows the combined operating modes CC+CV, CR+CC+CV, CP+CC+CV,
CV+CC to be realized.

Protection, Monitoring

Overcurrent protection
• Undervoltage protection
• Power protection
• Overtemperature protection
• Overvoltage indication
• Reverse polarity indication

Adjustable overcurrent and undervoltage protection are
permanently active.
• Undervoltage protection works either with:
• regulating transition (e.g. CC-CV operation at battery
• switching transition (short dead time, e.g. when switching the input voltage)

Loading Capacity,

With different voltage classes, the loads of the SCL series allow the connected DUT to be loaded at
full current down to a minimum voltage of 0.6 V, the SCL ZV variants even down to 0 V.
The devices are air-cooled with a stepless fan control.

I/O Port

Analog signals
in realtime!

Standard I/O port for:

• Analog voltage monitor output 0 … 10 V
• Analog current monitor output 0 … 10 V
• Load input activation state
• Status overload
• Programmable logic output
• Trigger output

• Analog load setting I and V
with 0 … 5 V and with 0 … 10 V
• Analog protection setting I and V
with 0 … 10 V
• Load activation
• Operating mode selection CC – CV
• Control speed selection
• Remote shut-down
• Readable digital input
• Trigger input

Galvanically Isolated I/O Port
(Option SCL06)

Option SCL06 can be installed for galvanic isolation of the analog I/O port from the load circuit.
By using this card ground loops are prevented and it is possible to test bipolar voltages with common analog control using two devices.

Factory Calibration Certificate


2 x for free

We supply a free Factory Calibration Certificate (FCC) with the devices. The calibration process is
subject to supervision in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. This calibration certificate documents
the traceability to national standards to illustrate the physical device in accordance with the International System of Units (SI). Within the 2-year warranty period, we will calibrate a second time
free of charge if the respective device will have been registrated:
For use under laboratory conditions, H&H recommends a calibration interval of 2 years. This is an
empirical value that can be used as a guide for the first period of use. Depending on the intended
use, service life, relevance of the application and ambient conditions, the operator should adjust
this interval accordingly